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Bluesky International Limited is a leading supplier of airborne GIS data, including aerial photography, thermal imagery, height data, 3D building models and LiDAR data. Specialising in GIS data and imagery of the United Kingdom, Bluesky has an extensive archive of both current and historical airborne data.

Simply enter your postcode, town or village or an Ordnance Survey™ coordinate in the search box below and click Search to see what's available for your area. The search results will open in a new window.

The Bluesky Mapshop is a web portal managed and operated by Bluesky International Limited. Using this website allows you to purchase high quality, up-to-date geographical data, including aerial photography and height data. Other datasets and types of data are continually added to the website so it is always worth going back to see what's new.

It offers the ability to search and view your area of interest then purchase digital orthorectified aerial photography and aerial photographic prints. It also offers digital height data in the form of Digital Terrain and Surface Models. The digital products can either be downloaded from their secure server or posted on DVD.